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One of my first spiritual paintings was "The Rising Goddess". As I painted, I saw an emblem that personified my feelings on the subject of religion. You see, some elements of Christianity feel right, as well as elements of Catholicism, Buddhism, and many other belief systems. The Rising Goddess became the symbol of all of these without the fear tactics and restrictions inherent in many religions.

The Rising Goddess is a Symbol of the re-emergence of nature based spirituality and the falling away from the dogma, constructions, and culture of organized religion.
My husband (who was feeling as spiritually barren as I had been) loved the painting-and began some soul searching of his own. In the beginning, it was difficult to find things to use while pursuing our personal paths. It was difficult to find others that believed as we did. So, I spoke to my husband about opening a shop for all paths-where everyone can find something for their personal journey.

Six months later, we have a shop, and you have a place to go to find something sacred.


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